1. Density of matter is
defined as
A. mass / volume
B. mass × volume
C. volume / mass
D. none of these

2. The resultant upthrust on a body partly immersed in liquid acts through
A. the centre of gravity
B. the metacentre
C. the centre of pressure
D. none of these

3. A transverse wave travels along z-axis. The particles of the medium travels along
A. z-axis
B. x-axis
C. y-axis
D. in x-y plane

4. Joule-Thomson cooling is
A. temperature dependent
B. temperature independent
C. dependent on the molecular weight of the gas
D. dependent on the total mass of the gas

5. The principle of action of points is used in
A. capacitors
B. inductors
C. resistors
D. lightning arrestors

6. A jet engine works under the principle of
A. mass
B. energy
C. linear momentum
D. angular momentum

7. To find the temperature of the sun, the following law is used:
A. Charles’ law
B. Stefan’s fourth power law of radiation
C. Boyle’s law
D. Kirchhoff’s law

8. Calotropis is an example of the following phyllotaxy:
A. opposite and decussate
B. spiral
C. whorled
D. alternate

9. Radio carbon dating is used to
A. find diseases
B. find the age of relics
C. find the carbon content in the atmosphere
D. none of these

10. Frequency modulation is more advantageous than amplitude modulation because
A. there will be no distortion
B. distortion will be maximum
C. no internal noises produced
D. internal noises can be filtered

11. X-rays travel with the velocity of
A. light
B. sound
C. positive rays
D. alpha rays

12. A loudspeaker converts
A. electrical energy into sound energy
B. sound energy into electrical energy
C. small sound into a large sound
D. none of the above

13. The transverse wave nature of light was proved by
A. interference
B. diffraction
C. polarisation
D. refraction

14. Electric iron takes a long time to cool because of
A. greater emissivity
B. lesser emissivity
C. less absorptive power
D. more absorptive power

15. Helium is preferred to hydrogen in airships because it
A. has greater lifting power
B. is less dense
C. cheaper
D. does not form explosive mixture with air

16. Excessive consumption of alcohol damages the
A. liver
B. kidneys
C. heart
D. lungs

17. Which of the following has the smell of garlic?
A. White phosphorus
B. Red phosphorus
C. Phosphorus chloride
D. Phosphine

18. A common nitrogenous fertilizer is
A. urea
B. superphosphate
C. triple phosphate
D. potassium chloride

19. Which element is a metalloid in the following?
A. Copper
B. Arsenic
C. Aluminium
D. Gold


20. Night blindness is caused due to
the deficiency of
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin K
D. Vitamin E

21. MISA was passed in
A. 1950
C. 1970
B. 1963
D. 1971

22. Prime Minister of India is
A. the leader of the Rajya Sabba
B. the leader of the Lok Sabha
C. the leader of the masses
D. none of them

23. The retirement age of a Supreme Court Judge is
A. 60 years
B. 64 years
C. 62 years
D. 65 years

24. Which of the following languages is not included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
A. Urdu
B. English
C. Sanskrit
D. Sindhi

25. In which conference, in the year 1944, the Justice Party was reorganised into Dravidar Kazhagam?
A. Madras
B. Kancheepuram
C. Madurai
D. Salem

26. Which model is the base for the
First Five-Year Plan?
A. Lewis model
B. Mahalanobis model
C. Harrod-Doman model
D. Keynesian model

27. The Deputy Chairman of the
Planning Commission
A. is the Prime Minister
B. is the Planning Minister
C. holds the rank of a Cabinet Minister
D. is an economist of repute.

28. The headquarters of World Health Organisation is located at
A. Geneva
B. Washington
C. New York
D. London

29. What is the purpose for which the
treasury bills are issued?
A.Very short term liability of the Government
B. Short term liability of the Government
C. Mid-term liability of the Government
D. The commercial paper market

30. The ICICI promotes
A. private sector
B. public sector
C. joint sector
D. co-operative sector

31. Who was the last of the later Chola Kings?
A. Raja Raja III
B. Rajendra III
C. Kulottunga III
D. Veera Rajendra

32. ‘Man is a social animal’ – Who said this?
B. Spencer
C. Aristotle
D. MacIver

33. Folkways are mostly dealt with by
A. Summer
B. Comte
C. Spencer
D. MacIver

34. Which one of the following introduced the process of Aryanization in Tamil language?
A. Sanskrit elements
B. British aspects
C. Western elements
D. Varnas

35. One of the founders of the Justice Party was
A. P.T. Rajan
B. C.N. Annadurai
C. K. Kamaraj
D. Bhaktavatsalam

36. The Constitution of India was adopted on
A. 25th August, 1947
B. 26th January, 1950
C. 26th November, 1949
D. 11th January, 1948

37. How many representatives are being sent by the union territories to the Lok Sabha?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 25
D. 45

38. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India directs State Government to organise
Village Panchayat?
A. Article 51
B. Article 40
C. Article 48
D. Article 32

39. The President of India is elected for
A. life
B. 4 years 
C. 5 years
D. 6 years

40. In the Lok Sabha who discharges the duties of the Speaker during his absence?
B. Home Minister
C. Finance Minister
D. Deputy Speaker

41. Who was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi?
A. Iltutmish
B. Balban
C. Qutbuddin Aibak
D. Mahmud of Ghazni

42. When was the ‘National Museum’ established in Delhi?
A. 1947
B. 1949
C. 1948
D. 1950

43. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
A. Brahma – Creation
B. Vishnu – Destruction
C. Shiva – Maya
D. Shakti – Preservation

44. Ethics is the study of
A. theory of behaviour
B. theory of activity
C. theory of karma
D. theory of morality

45. Logic is a (an)
A. objective science
B. normative science
C. descriptive science
D. natural science

46. Natural poetic philosopher is
A. Sri Aurobindo
B. Bharathiyar
C. Tagore
D. Subramaniya Sivam

47. The Integral Advaitism is advocated by
A. Gandhiji
B. Sri Aurobindo
C. J. Krishnamurthy
D. Dr. Radhakrishnan

48. The saint who lived at Thillai was
A. Nedumarar
B. Sadaiyanar
C. Thiruneelakandar
D. Gananadhar

49. Which one of the following is
correctly matched?
A. Arunagiri Nadhar– Thencherimalai
B. Kumara Devar– Thirukuntram
C. Manikkavasagar– Thirumandapam
D. Gnana Sambandhar– Thiruvenkadu

50. “Free Labourers' Party” was founded by
A. E.V. Ramasamy
B. Ambedkar
C. Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy
D. C.N.Annadurai

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